Assalamualaikum n hope everyone having a cool holiday this CNY :)

Many things have happen to me these past 3 months..but it is settled one by one. Will tell u the stories when i get the time (n mood :P)

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Tuesday, May 25

which are you?

some people hate...
some people love!

some people are procrastinators..
some people act now!

some people love to point fingers..
some people love to extend their hands!

some people question every answer...
some people have an answer to every question!

some people hate to lose an argument...
some people love to win hearts!

some people want a change...
some people want to be the change!

some people are blind except to thier own colour...
some people are colour blind!

some people are proud to belong to their race...
some people take pride in belonging to the human race!

a poem i came across in the it~ posted it before leaving to ukm. attending MASUM at ukm. wish me all da best ;)

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