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Saturday, May 22

masum games 2010 phase 2


so, the hockey team n other teams have came back from their tournament for the 1st phase of masum games 2010. jz in a few hours me n my silat team will go on our battle~

yesterday, we had our solat hajat n bacaan yassin at fsc after having magrib prayers. the thing that i think was a miracle was that at the very second we started to perform our solat hajat, it rained heavily! it rarely rain during magrib is said that when the rain starts to fall, our prayers are most likely to be granted. amin..amin..amiiinn....

the night before that, we had our training like usually. only that we gathered up after that and the teammates who are seniors sang the cheers (yes...there are more than 1) and i only listened. i never heard even one of em! the funny part is they not only sing, but dance also.. ayooo~ xP oh yaa..that reminds me. our captain will ask us randomly whether we already memorize or not in the bus before departure..huu~

and another thing that is so touching about this last week, everyone was cautious from getting injured. my partner's ankle got injured and everyone kept asking me or her about it..even there's this one night during our practice, i toe got hit by my partner's swinging stick (which was suppose to be a real hit but not pretend only) twice! the loud sound of the hit made everyone came to me and ask if my toe was okay..hohooo~ ;')


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