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Many things have happen to me these past 3 months..but it is settled one by one. Will tell u the stories when i get the time (n mood :P)

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Saturday, May 15

I guess...

.....i dun have to explain to you why i performed so bad during silat training this past few nights. yes, i havent jog much lately due to my foot injury that made me easily to fall and deep pain everytime i try to run. and also because i have to spend my morning hours preparing my assignments that i need to finish up before the busy days of training this week and also next week, which will be the last week before heading to ukm for competition. and my classes are mostly during evenings and i dun get to jog on the track at maryam lake which is 20min walk from my room. and at nights we have training where i have to face the guilt. being emotional.

im tired,okay..tired of doing the same thing everyday and every night, rushing here and there everytime, having so much thing in my mind, missing chit chat and hangouts with friends. and i just need you to trust me that im doing my best! and im trying real hard not to do mistakes during practice, even to you, that im making them a lot.


n to add to all that, after my training last night, i thought it was enough for the night, but suddenly my mom msg me and told me i got a warning letter from jpa (i have expected it but i wish i got it at the right time..grr)

im not giving up.never! but it just feel like i become bitter..thats all.

these sweat and tears,
i try masking all the fears..
you'll see the breaking out of effort,
where i feel barely able to grasp the comfort.

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hajar DK said...

dulu aku suke bile aku bizi. Mase tu darjah 6. Hari2 buat bende same jugak tapi at least bile mase aku terisi. Bukan dok umah tengok tv je.

Sekarang aku teringin nak jadi macam tu balik.. huhu....

Mardhiah said...

hak3..ak pun bz gak time drjh 6. pagi smpai mlm p sane sini. awal2 tu, bile balik2 umah..dah kol 12lbh mlm n hmwrk tak bt lg u hntr sok..

ak nngs kot sbb bz sgt Xp

tp lame2 ok jer..:D

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