Assalamualaikum n hope everyone having a cool holiday this CNY :)

Many things have happen to me these past 3 months..but it is settled one by one. Will tell u the stories when i get the time (n mood :P)

Tq for dropping by,readers! -2 February

Friday, May 7


just got back from training..waiting for 20min of putting ice on my swollen parts and take a shower before i sleep. the swollen on my toe is getting better and i could run again now but not for too long. still have to depend on my friends to hitch a ride to classes and training at female sport complex (i dun own a car or a bike..and the distance is extremely far and painful for me to walk..

its been 4 days now and the swollen my knee is now getting worse. i cant even stand still for a few second and cant bend my knee too often. the cafeteria guy already know to pack me a plastic of ice every time he sees me coming up to the counter.

im not not! but i hope these painful experience would end quickly, especially before the compettion which is about less than 2 weeks time..

im hurt...people are asleep now. Dear God, please comfort me~

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