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Friday, June 25

Meatball! Meatball!

hope everyone's having a happy day ;)

okay2...have u been to IKEA at Damansara? if u have been there, u must have tried ikea's famous meatballs (yum2..) It serves..

RM14 for 15 meatballs
RM10 for 10 meatballs
RM5 for 5 meatballs

i can only manage to eat 5 or 6 meatballs before i get really full..but my friends can eat till 10 and even 15!! woooo...

yuuummmy! i can eat this everyday :P
its gravy is superb, adding with some jam..
1st i ordered this meal, i thought it was for breakfast because there's jam with it.

kak wa n kak mona :)

me and my so called 'gay partner' zaff :D

all 5 of us came from gombak jz to eat the meatballs at IKEA. it has become my 2nd most fav food (after pizza :D)...

speaking of meatballs, have u watched 'Cloudy with the chance of Meatballs'? ( going meatball-crazy now..heheh) U should watch it! ive watched it a million times :) not entirely because there's meatballs everywhere, but the movie is super funny n super cute :D

i wish it would be raining meatballs starving right now. hohoo~

till next time,
tata for now ;)

5 lovely comment:

hajar DK said...

eleh.. xde la sedap sangat kot... ok, kire sedap la jugak.. tapi xde la sedap gile.. gile.. huhuhu...

Days said...

i always eat meatball after finish melalak kat red box hehehe..dh cam habit tiap kali pegi curve or ikea mesti makan hehehe adehh lapo la pulak hee

She is f.A.z.A said...

i pon suker meatball kat ikea..
actlly i working at curve office so bler2 i lapar meatball target utama hehe

miss lea said...

guupp.. telan air liur.. huhu

Mardhiah said...

lain org,lain cite rase die XP

oh,kaki karaoke ye syahirah ni?:p

eh,yekee?mmg dkt gile dah ngn a plate of meatballs ikea tuu. nnt kalo i nk lunch kt sane,jom lunch same XD

miss lea:
tln air liur je? p la ikea mkn ( promoter meatball ikea pulok XP)

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