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Monday, June 14

Going up the Broga Hill :D

Hello2.. :)

on 10 june, last thursday, me n my other 5 friends have gone to Semenyih for our picnic at Broga. we've made the plan for a week. the day before that, we bought some stuff to cook and bring for the trip.

on the day, we started our trip early in the morning at 8am :) before showing u the pics we took, here's some tips if u planning on going hill hiking.. :D

1. always remember to put on sun blocks
or else ur face will end up burned like mine..huhuh :(
2. never ever eveeeer go hiking without a bottle of water
u MUST need this!
3. pack some food like nuggets and sandwich..
when ur on a hill..its nice to eat with the fresh air, and nice view..and also taking pictures ;)
4. please start hiking early in the morning...
u dun wanna be nearer to the sun when its getting pretty hot up there..phew~
5. dress up with sport attires
dun go hiking wearing high heels or fancy clothes. we dun want anybody to get their pretty clothes dirty or slipping down the hill, do we? hihihi~

okay2, back to the story~

here's kak mona, hajar, kak farah...
this is our journey after 5 minutes..'happy' faces :P

us on a big rock half way to the top of Broga Hill.
we had our picnic here with egg and sardine sandwhich. hik3

we made it to the top! :D at least one of Broga's peak.
see that trail behind there. there's 3 more peaks
but it was getting hot and we are exhausted...

mission accomplished ;D

had so much fun there :)
u should try it!

8 lovely comment:

hajar DK said...

haha.. aku pun tak pakai sunblock rilek je.. huhu..
*nada eksyen~~

Mardhiah said...

hahah...muke ak cpt burned. muke ko tak burned tp cpt blushing :P

alantanblog said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at

Mardhiah said...

thnx Alan ;)
n tq for linking this post in ur FB group :D

Fay Nana (Cik Fana) said...

nice view! suke2! next time rase nak plan ke sini. weee~

Mardhiah said...

cik fana mesti sukeee~~
tp jgn p lmbt sgt..nnt pns. hbs burn muke n berpeluh sakan :P

zaff said...

i told u so, tgh hari panas bangat.haha

Mardhiah said...


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