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Friday, April 16

kegembiraan itu mahal~

Happiness is expensive..

Though some people still believe even a guy without a nickel

Can still smile and laugh

More than a thick-wallet-billionaire

But still some happiness comes with a price

Or simply on a label or a tag

Happiness is expensive

Come, I show you why

Please, no jealousy or arrogance

This is just a piece of my mind

Applause or laugh when u want

For I write for my own ‘free’ happiness

Happiness is having a sugar glider

Cute and loveable pet..

Hey! there it goes..jumping here and there

Even it cost Zaff a few hundred ringgit

It is worth every hundred and one days of her life


Happiness is painting a canvas

Cashier! ill take that blue, white, and oh! And also that green colour

a painter is at work

a handmade gift where giving is a pleasure

and the pleasure is all nadia’s


Happiness is ‘shop-till-you-drop’

or more like ‘see what you like till you drop by at the counter’

every now and then, we see a new shoe or cloth on Nabilah

with a smile and a guess on how much it cost

getting hajar to say a word or two


Happiness has its price

But the feeling is truly priceless

Whatever the cost

Everyone is willing to pay

Because sometimes we need to ‘buy’ happiness

However happiness is defined

by Mardhiah


skng ni...kalo nk hepi, kene kuar duit.

kalo org tu hepi ngn surf net, kene beli n byr broadband.

kalo org tu hepi ngn travel,kene kuar duit u tiket n expenses spnjg prjlnn.

kalo org tu hepi ngn hangout ngn kgkwn, mesti nk main bowling ke,mkn bes2 ke kaan..

see what i mean?


that is why..happiness is expensive.lg2 kt sape2 y tgh pokai spt kami2 bdk archi y byk spend duit u projek n stuff. huu~

5 lovely comment:

hajar DK said...

depends jugak... ade je org yg dok umah2 lepak2 dgn family die and tak kuar sesen pun bleh hepi.. cam ilham contohnye...

xsemestinye kene kuar duit baru boleh hepi... cari la hobi yg x kuar duit.. huhu...

Mardhiah said...

hak2..hobi spt?

hajar DK said...

mengemas rumah, menyiram pokok bunge, berkebun, membaca buku yg dipinjam, bersukan, berjoging, menyanyi, dsb.. hahaha

zaff fluffy said...

haha, itu keperluan hajar..
mmg betul, happiness is costly..
sbb tu aku suka tido kalo takde duit, huahuaa.. dlm mimpi sume benda lehg wat..huaa sediy2..

Mardhiah said...

tau takpeee...hjr ckp tu sbb die sll bt gituuu XP

pe lagi..jom tidoooo~ hak2..

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