Assalamualaikum n hope everyone having a cool holiday this CNY :)

Many things have happen to me these past 3 months..but it is settled one by one. Will tell u the stories when i get the time (n mood :P)

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Monday, December 27

Awal2 sem dh lemah semangat..ish3

"kalau tak nak, jgn la buat..kalau nk bt, btla sepenuh2nya. jgn la jadi half-hearted"
"mar ni..cepat sgt putus asa..."

ouuuuch...dat hurts *_____*
but then again, i understand totally. tq..a good friend is the one that can be totally frank and totally right with you :)

ok...mari bersemangat!!!
kalo time2 tak semangat, mesti akn psg lagu ni ;)
Never Say Never (Justin Bieber)..lagu dari muvee Karate Kid..hihihi~
*mmg bersemangat la nk p training silat kejap lagi :P*

See I never thought that I could walk through fire.
I never thought that I could take the burn.
I never had the strength to take it higher,
Until I reached the point of no return.

And there's just no turning back,
When your hearts under attack,
Gonna give everything I have,
It's my destiny.

I will never say never! (I will fight)
I will fight till forever! (make it right)
Whenever you knock me down,
I will not stay on the ground.
Pick it up,
And never say never.

I never thought I could feel this power.
I never thought that I could feel this free.
I'm strong enough to climb the highest tower.
And I'm fast enough to run across the sea.

I can handle him.
Hold up, aight?
I can handle him.

Now he's bigger than me,
Taller than me.
And he's older than me,
And stronger than me.
And his arms a little bit longer than me.
But he ain't on a JB song with me!

I be trying a chill
They be trying to side with the thrill.
No pun intended, was raised by the power of Will.

Like Luke with the force, when push comes to shove.
Like Cobe with the 4th, ice water with blood.

I gotta be the best, and yes
We're the flyest.
Like David and Goliath,
I conquered the giant.
So now I got the world in my hand,
I was born from two stars
So the moon's where I land.

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