Assalamualaikum n hope everyone having a cool holiday this CNY :)

Many things have happen to me these past 3 months..but it is settled one by one. Will tell u the stories when i get the time (n mood :P)

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Sunday, July 25

My older brother said....

"It's time for you to be an adult
because you cant depend on your dad, mom, or siblings now..
Take care and think for yourself"

My 2nd older brother,Nadhil (i have 3 brothers..) called me just now and asked me why i didnt come home yesterday like i told my mom i would. i was in Bangi, walking around there the whole day for my site analysis for the Women Wellness Centre project. I reached back to UIA around maghrib and was seriuosly exhausted..hooo~

Well..he told me that he actually had some important things to tell me, so he just mentioned them through the phone. There's something going on in my family and he advice me a lot like to stay in my uni and just focus in my study...not to be bothered by whatever misunderstanding happening at home.

"Skang Mardhiah just focus je kt study..nnt dah habis 3rd year,
sambung je lagi 2 tahun u Bachelor of Archi.
Ngn JPA kalo leh. Duit tu simpan leklok.
Kalo sape2 mintak, kate ade sikit je..ape2 nnt gtau Nadhil"

My bro..cute la tu? wek.. :P

Anyway, ill pray that nothing bad will happen and all these family problems and misunderstandings will be gone someday..

Even at the worst of times, i still want to state that.......I love my family~

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