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Thursday, November 13

[siblings] bLooD TieS

For my 2nd post,
why don't I start of by introducing you guys to
my guys..hihi =)

[SyAmiL]~ThE YouNgEsT~

..16, SM Teknik Shah Alam player (a good 1 too..jz wish he stop using his skill on me..*sigh* ^_^')
....when we were kids, everyone though we were twins (now, if we walk together, people mistakenly assume he's my older bro or worse-my bf?! ewww)

[MaRdHiaH]~oNe & OnLy GirL~

..all time 'daddy's girl' =D
...into silat (hardly got the time now for training..*sigh*)
...people always though that being the only girl means the most favorite. Well, my mom n dad treated us equally..hihi childhood was filled with bike cycling with the guys, getting lost in shopping malls, and wall 'painting' (that really made my mom freaked out :P)

[NaDHiL]~tHe 2nD~

..20, UniKL German Malaysian Institute
...when we were small, my bro always bullying me around (what can i do being smaller in age AND size..huhu)
....SO into Ragnarok (I still dont understand whats the fun of it..its NEVER ENDING!) and stays online almost 24/7! the only time i see him NOT in front of his laptop is when he is starving and sleepy..hueh

[MuStANiz]~ThE oLdEsT~

..23, working in Lumut
...likes cats, adorable stuff, cute animation, anime.. lets just say he has a soft heart ~_~
.love has been cruel to him. he meets a girl, hoping she would be the right one, and end up dicthed for another guy. This has happen TWICE 0_o..hueh Well, there's never always a Cinderella story with a happy-ever-after in this world

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jack nsem said...

sme je kot
sibling ke ko y tkr2 wajah to look defferent????

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