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Many things have happen to me these past 3 months..but it is settled one by one. Will tell u the stories when i get the time (n mood :P)

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Monday, November 30

round2 subang..

(this was written a day or so after the day it happen..forgot tu publish :P)


22november 2009...

that morning i was a bit down.
family matters gone from bad to worse...
my big bro needed me to drive him to the driving school.
he had to take theory class to get L license for motorcycle.

after that,
i took a walk at the subang lake..jz to calm myself.
but it didnt work.
thinking too much....

pastu, alang,my fren msg..

'hey..mardhiah ktne?'
'kt tasik...'
'ngn sape?'
' coming'
'weh...seyes keer?'

huaaa...rase terharu gilee smpai nk nngs :')
so, i park the car somewhere near the ktm,n waited..
pastu alang smpai :)

[subang parade]

well..actually takde plan sgt nk p mane.
mule2 ingt nk p shah alam.
tp tkt kang habis mase n mnyk sesat jer :P

so,ktrg msk sbg parade.
ate ice-creams,talk,laugh ^_^
msk mph,toy-r-us etc..
den solat zhr b4 going for lunch.

[ss19-tmpt mkn]

so,both of us mmg dah tgh hungry la kaan..
due2 tak breakdfast lg..hohooo.
talked some more...

[back to subang lake]

i dunnu why i like so much being at a lake..
peaceful kot...
so...i started telling the stuff y tgh serabut in my mind.
n also ckp psl teori zombi aku.
tu kt post lain aku cite :D

pastu cm bese la..
tgkp2 pics.


senanyer taktau nk bwk p mane dh.
alang pun 2nd time dtg subang. saje bwk merate2 subang.

time tu plak de cm buk fair kt dlm tu.

pastu, p arcade.
ktrg de main satu game ni...y kene lwn ngn tolak2 each other.
smpai lebam lutut ak taaau...

[otw to ktm]

ok...dah nk mlm. kene hntr balik alang p ktm.
tgh borak2 otw there,
cm ade bunyik smthg 4rm the car.
tp drive je la kaan..
smpai smwhere b4 lalu carefour tuu...
stop kt tepi jln.
ok....tyr pancit


so, i park the car kt tepi jln n walked to k4 ngn alang while my bro n mom kt umah try getting a mechanic to change the flat tire
(time tu jack krete takde lak kn dlm krete..huk2)
smbil tu i called up my fren y tggl kt subang.
turns out die time tu de kt sunway n mmg nk balik umah dh.
so,he told us he will be coming to help out..

i told alang to balik alang tggu gak.
huah. terharuu~

so my fren came. berjaye lak.
smpai dah berpeluh2 kot nk bukak flat tire tu..

so,me n alang waited for the mechanic y my mom manage to contact.
nasib baik 4rm tru insurance company.
so i dun need to pay at that time.

smpai2 umah dh kol 9mlm.
gile laaa....
dr kol 10pg smpai mlm pusing2 subang.
driving around a lot...


thnks alang~
uve made my day :)

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