Assalamualaikum n hope everyone having a cool holiday this CNY :)

Many things have happen to me these past 3 months..but it is settled one by one. Will tell u the stories when i get the time (n mood :P)

Tq for dropping by,readers! -2 February

Friday, June 26

Packing the moments in my box of memories..

Quantity Surveyor Department..hohoo...seyesnyee ^_^'

1st Crit Session..semangat tul X)

Model BookCafe design grup kami..ngee~

cik landscape kami ngn bod2 presentation

Landscape Department: syakir, kak zana, muammar..
bersame lec kesygn mereke, maheran. kuang3

Architecture Department..
dr kiri: yusri (head of department), pdat (asst.hod), mizah, suhairi, asmui (draftman),
kak gg, me

One big family..hik3..

Lunch with the guys

Dinner makan spagetti.
kol brp? kol 12 mlm..hohooo~

yum2...sedap tuuu...

sempat lagi tuuu...

Multidip 09 ideabox dalam kenangan...

Missing the days of…


people come and start immediately on their work

[After hours of autocad]

pair up to play metal slug with my officemate..ngeh3


one of the guys will take up orders for late night and will eat together..especially megi goreng


karaoke 'rock kapak' songs (im excluded,ok? xp) to shake off the sleepiness


we will all head to musolla n solat berjemaah


eat breakfast together n return to hostels to ‘qada tido’

Back and for the office, riding motorcycles with kak gg


3 lovely comment:

hajar DK said...

sedey gile...
aku nak kembali ke environment ber'ofis' seperti dulu...

munadhia said...

kenangan pasti luput, rindu pasti berlalu. hanya gambar pengungkit kenangan, dan ia merupakan satu masa yg x mgkin berulang.

memori tggl kenangan, andai boleh disimpan ia tetap kan ditelan zaman. pasti lusuh dan kotak memori x mgkin mampu untuk menanggungnya dlm jangka masa yg panjang.

mar, kt post plg lmbt esok malam (30hb) utk kfest tu... ad prob sket.huhu~ prob malas satu, prob, x betul satu.hehe~

jackall said...

until then, always,
at the usual place,
at the usual time,
we were usually cold,
and so,
the usual has left us in sadness,
when we first realized that we had lost that usual,
and from now on,
there will be even more of the usual that fades away.

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