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Saturday, March 7

i gotta finish the race

im running..
running towards the finish line.
its so far ahead.
i cant stop now.
not while they are running behind me..

i took a wrong step,
i lost my balance and fell..
fell on the ground.

i gotta get up and keep on running.

some of them are running in front of me now.
i gotta catch up..
or ill be the last one to score.

i fell again..
my feet starts to hurt.
oh, me to get up.
i have to keep on going..

i quicken my pace..
i cant run properly,
i need to rest but i dun want to be last,
everything went dark,
oh, God,
i dun want to collapse now...

i cant see,
i tripped n i fell down badly.

my knees is bleeding..
im almost out of breath.

i lay on the ground..
crying..crying alone.
what am i gonna do now.
there's no hope for me now
might as well quit
cz im defeated
n losing is such a disappointment to me.

i hear footsteps walking towards me.
i looked up.
they picked me up
they cleaned my wounds
they wiped out the tears on my cheeks..

'mardhiah2..u have to keep on going. if u cant run,u can walk.
u might lose to them,but dun lose to urself.dun stop.dun quit.keep on going..'

'i cant..i just cant..i lost.'

'yes u can...the race isnt finished yet..finish it! its the only thing u have to do.
dun give up..dun disappoint urself, dun disappoint us'

'ok2!i will!'

i start on walking.
my knees hurt like hell
i cant delay anymore.
i got to do this even if my wounds still hurts.

i gotta finish the race...

tq moh..

3 lovely comment:

NajaTikaH said...

yes u can!


Mohaimin_Ichi said...

walaupun bukan exact wording,
masih ku terharu
yes u can!



ingat pesanan tuh

Mardhiah said...

wording tu ku tak dpt nk ingt n refer balik cz dlm hp y hilang tu..

insyaAllah!! *ngn semangatnye!*

tq korang 4 always supporting.
luv u both :)

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