Assalamualaikum n hope everyone having a cool holiday this CNY :)

Many things have happen to me these past 3 months..but it is settled one by one. Will tell u the stories when i get the time (n mood :P)

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Friday, December 12

Thank you, lovely people (n_n)

i wnna say thnk you
to our Sultan Selangor
for honoring both of our birthday
by making 11 Dec a public holiday :P twins....

hepi bfday to:

ainnur liyana
kam's adik
ayan (rafid's fren)

we should celebrate together next year, with Sultan Selangor too. hik3


waaaaaaah~ the book that ive longed for!
this book is the 4th book for The Tales Of The Otori.
so now i just need the 5th book, 'Heaven's Net Is Wide' to finish off the tale :)
thnk u for a McFlurry and this wonderful book,

Syamil, my little bro :)

so cuteeeee!
i LOVE teddy bears!
i guess myra n razi knows the best gift for me. hii~~

teddies 4rm nad too!
awww...cute2 ^_^

like snow globe,
u can see that pretty thingies swimming
when u shake it.

hey, look! a frog! hm2..
i like it very much, fitra!
even the receipt was with the gift.
is this a reminder not to be late to class anymore?
lalalaaa~ :P

orange dolphin!

my big bro, nadhil
bought it after i spotted and

played with it in the mymart.

from my dear umi <3
she always know the right tudung for me
(most of mine was her choice :P)
n the it!

my compaq laptop ^_^
thnks ane,my big bro
for lending money n
sponsoring some of the payment.
ill take gud care of it, i promise!

there was a plastic full of it when we were in Pizza Hut during the celebration of my birthday.
nesh bought it and the others ate lots of it during lunch n bowling match.
with only 6 pieces left,
nesh gave the remaining pieces as a birthday gift.
can laa...:P


tok <3

Qhushairy as song writer, singer n guitarist,
my gift was a song with the lyric 'happy birthday mardhiah' only.
im touched ^_^

mohaimin juichi

ultramen tikah

rosmawati, my x-rumate

shikin harison




ain neollene

kak shira

ata zaffiq

asma' asam

ain, x-skulmate 4rm tpg

aino styko


ena royanti

mms 4rm fairuz mr.muscle

nad do nad dn juge kazen2nye


kak gg low

kak dibah

farah nasiha


rafid budak comel

farah aimi

[did i miss anybody? thnks too~! :P]

arigato ghozaimasu'!!!!

14 lovely comment:

Anonymous said...

hepi burfday to us~~~
thn depan nk celebrate n sultan selangor????
i takde kt mlsia la tyme tu..haha

Mardhiah said...

oh,rili? kamu ke mana dong?
nnt mintak die belikn tiket balik m'sia on 11dec :P

hiiii~~ ^_^

::Aliffadhol:: said...


aku suke ayat dalam kad tu..
Slamat ari jadi ke 19..
semoga cepat jumpa jodoh

Mardhiah said...

drg ni mmg.
tak sabar nk sape jodoh aku kot

kak dee said...

ko lupekan sepupu2 ku yg trurt wish ko!

Mardhiah said...

haah laa


R4FID said...

happy belated burfday....

Mardhiah said...

tq,rafid ^_^

*name anda akn diletak dlm list 'wisher*


Anonymous said...

aku d india..

Mardhiah said...

studi kt india ker?

faragadisbiasa said...

eh2!name aku ade lah!hihihi^.^
bday present kaw nnt kat uia aku kasik yep..
dah bli..tapi xdpt nak bg jek..sbb xdpt dtg..huhuhu~

Mardhiah said...

of kos la,farah dear :)

oh,ye ker?
waaaaaaaah~~ ^_^
syg same adikku ini!

nabebe said...

aku ade dolphin kale pink! jom pakai same2 mar! :D

Mardhiah said...

dolphin kale pink tuu..
aku tau

leh dolphin2 kite berkenalan

[cm bdk2 kecik main2 ngn toys :P]

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