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Many things have happen to me these past 3 months..but it is settled one by one. Will tell u the stories when i get the time (n mood :P)

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Friday, February 4


You say 'trust me',
I say 'you stabbed me',
Trying to mold my heart with steel,
But when its you,
Its paper..
Which you tore it into pieces.

I try to catch all of them,
But some has been blown away~

In our case,
You're like the judge,
While I'm at the stand,
Without a prove to convince the jury,
Making the floor confuse of the innocence of mine.

In our tie,
You're like the lock,
and I'm the chain,
Let me feel free,
But the key is my trust

And its not with you sometimes~

*Just a poem i wrote and post it just for the sake of keeping it..
yes...i have trust issues.

4 lovely comment:

mindreader said...

dont worry darl.i understand.i have trust issues as well.always being paranoid and curious about one's intentions.but like i said,trust is a dangerous be careful. :)

Mardhiah said...

hm2..alrite,myra. thnx nwy :)

u cant be too careful or be too careless,right? ;)

Hamid said...

salam sis.

mashallah great words,sweet style and a nice poem.

indeed trust is like a paper, once you crumble and make it plain again, it cannot be as clear as it was previously.

Mardhiah said...

thanks. i think its just a simple poem i wrote out of dissapoinment..

to me, writing poem is just a way to express something without turning into fights or bottling up emotions:)

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