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Friday, August 27

Double F: Forgive n Forget

Guilt haunts us all. Some of it is deserved—we’ve messed up and we need to confess, apologize, and do what we can to make amends. A lot of our guilty feelings, however, are self-imposed and unnecessary. We sometimes feel guilty for things that are beyond our control or not our fault. We feel guilty because of expectations we have about what we ought to be doing or not doing during a particular season of our lives. Or we still feel guilty about things we’ve confessed and for which we’ve already received forgiveness. If we can learn how to release these false feelings of guilt, we can live more peaceful and productive lives................. (i got these during researching for my design project)

Forgive and forget...
for the things ive done or someone else have done to me..
at times its the hardest thing to do..
but it should be done~

Dan balasan suatu kejahatan adalah kejahatan yang serupa,
maka barang siapa memaafkan dan berbuat baik
(berbuat baik pada org y jht bt padanya) maka pahalanya atas (tanggungan) Allah. Sesungguhnya Dia tidak menyukai orang-orang yang zalim
[Asy Syuura: 42]
Dan (bagi) orang-orang yang menjauhi dosa-dosa besar dan perbuatan- perbuatan keji, dan apabila mereka marah, mereka memberi maaf.
[Asy Syuura: 37]

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Asyraf Hamasaki said...

i would rather chooce accept and forget :-)

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