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Monday, August 31


[a challenging stage of my life being a 2nd year archi student, critical year of my study.
wish me all da best! ^_^ This poem is made after my bestie, mohaimin had asked me about life and has been a personal note for myself..]

Dear beloved,

Life isn’t always like we dreamt of or as perfect as we planned.

Yet, in that imperfection and exhaustion,

that is the life we were destined to live through…

so we will learn to appreciate the imperfection of the result,

which is better than the unfortunates..

and even better than the worse that could happen.

So we will learn to see with the right sight and see the positive side of it.

From disappointment, we find courage..

From failure, we find strength..

From difficulties, we find possibilities.

Succeeding is not always about to reach the end or the top.

But it can be the success of reaching the end or climbing to the top.

There are things gained in the way there…

skills, foes, support, braveness.

When we are defeated,

we will be determined to win.

So what we will be determined to do if we already won an easy battle?

Failure is not about losing.

That’s just minor.

The major failure is you to stop and stare rather than getting up and run.

Even in the hassle, exhaustion, trifles in the way…

that’s what makes the imperfect perfected.

Imperfect situation yet perfected with the effort to solve and bear the problem.

So, my dear beloved..

It’s not all about meeting up with the requirements..

or datelines.

It’s about performing your work excellently and sincerely.

Love to do it!

motivate by it!

And most of all,

its all about walking towards mardhatillah

and being mardhiah.

with love,

mardhiah..the beloved

[setiap perkara y berlaku pasti ade hikmah, bukan? :]

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all the best with that!!

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arigato ^_^

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